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About MUSA


Hand crafted jewelry

Jewelry inspired by the ancient times and mysticism. My jewels not only try to be connected to beauty, but also to the spiritual world, carrying within themselves the seed of the intention and power of oneself.

I look for inspiration in the art of the ancient civilizations, mythology,symbolism,astrology, the underwater worlds and nature. My designs emerge from the fusion between the past and the present, this is what I try with every piece that I create, a trip to a magical and mysterious stories that want to be reborn.

Jewellry creations made with diferent types of metals (specially brass, silver, and gold plated) using beautiful and special crystals and stones, and natural materials as shells, sea treasures found in the deep sea, corals, and also from the forests like branches, feathers, and everything I find wonderful and special.

The selected stones help the jewel to connect with you and to what you want to work with.

Using all my imagination and love, searching and finding the muses, each creation has my purest intention, going to the deepest and most intimate part of myself and reflecting it on something that will be for you.

About Me

I am Thalía, born in 1986 in barcelona, and my name is not Mexican, it comes from Greece.  


The blood that runs through my body is half Greek and half Spanish, the reason for this is because my mother decided to travel alone at the age of 18, to Greece,  Hitchhiking arrived to Athens with a friend. When she reached Athens ,destiny put my father on her path, and there began the story of my life. 

Since I was a child I have been in contact with this job, my mother at 27 began her classes at the jewelry school, and I remember setting up the home workshop, at that time I was 6 years old, and I was dedicated to painting the walls of her workshop,  I remember seeing how she worked. I admired her a lot in her work. 

Years later, in 2008 I went to the boom festival for the first time, the stores and art that were there aroused my curiosity, from there the doors opened to my creativity, beyond browsing in the workshop of my mother,


I wanted to do my own jewels and I began to play with the metal, and to learn basically in a self-taught way, although I have done some courses that have been very helpful to me. 

From a very young age I was fascinated by the jewels of other ages, their imperfections, the turquoise oxide that formed in them due to the passage of time, their symbology ... it was a very strong attraction that I felt for those jewels found on the earth after more than 3000 years. I decided that I wanted to continue with this ancient job.

I hope you enjoy my work

with love,


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