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Shipping Policy


Regular Shipping goes with tracking number wich usually takes from 3 to 20 days depening on the country.

I always send it certificate, that is more safe than normal shipping, If you want extra security with special insurance please contact me in a message before purchase for add the extra cost.




I always make the shippment with the item protected in a box. If it arrives in bad conditions and it's not my responsability the money it's not returned. If it's in bad conditions and I'm responsable about it, I will send you another, or I will return the money.

But you can be sure that I always send the jewelry well protected in a box, and inside of an envelope, the jewel souldn't arrive in bad condition. Before I send it I will check that the jewel is not defective.


Please be sure the adress is correct!
I will send it to the adress that appears here in etsy, if you want I send it to other place you have to tell me this by private message, and I will send there.

In case the adress of etsy it's wrong, it's not my responsability, the parcel will come back to me, and when I recieve the item I can send to you other time at the correct adress, the shipping cost is your responsability, and you will have to pay it by paypal.


I recommend it for jewels over 70-80 €, If not, will be automatically send by certified mail, that only gives a partial refund in case of lost.

However it is not usual that a package is lost and happens in rare cases, but for being more sure contact me!

If you don't ask for full insurance I will automaticaly send it by certified mail, that is safe also, and comes with a tracking number, but if it gets lost the refund is only partial.



I'm not responsable in case the parcel gets lost once I make the shippment. I always use certificated shippment, that is more safe than normal.

The responsability is from, or the post service of your country, they are making this job. My responsability finish when I make the shipment.

If the parcel is lost I will do all I can do, but I will not return all the money, cause the parcel and the things are sent, and also it would be a lost to me, I will return the compensation that correos will give me, usually is 40€ approximately.

Return & Exchange Policy

Exchanges will be accepted in the 14 days after you recieve the piece, but you must to notify me in the first 5 days since you receive it.

If you don't like the item also you can exchange for other thing.

All shipping expenses should be paid by the customer.
You must send it after 14 days from you recieve it, with tracking number and well protected in the box and it have to arrive perfectly, otherwise the money would not be returned.

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