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RA EYE, the story of a sacred Symbol of the Queens of Egypt


"I bring you the Eye of Horus, so that your heart can rejoice"

Sarcophagus Texts: Enchantment 64


I admire and honor ancestral works, I like to explore the ancient history and art, and sometimes I come across beautiful and special pieces of art. One of these pieces was a ring originally from Egypt that stole my heart, I wanted to make one for myself, and for you, and here we have it, made with all the love and respect for antiquity, it is a job that required of technique and patience, but it worth it, isn´t? & I want to share the story of this ancient symbol with you.

The original one is from Egypt and dates from 1539-1075 BC, and it's made with a greenish blue stone

Sometimes the eye of horus and the eye of Ra are confused. Both symbolize protection, the difference is that the eye of Ra represents the right eye and that of Horus the left, Ra is the feminine divinity and Horus the masculine divinity, they represent the union of feminine energy and masculine energy. They had to be careful because the Ra symbol could become a bit aggressive if misused.

Ra eye & Horus eye.

Stela with man offering to Re-Harakhty, unfinished ca. 712–663 B.C.


RA ring represents the feminine energy, It is true that Ra is a god, but sometimes she can behave as an independent entity, which can be personified by a wide variety of Egyptian goddesses, including Hathor, Sekhmet, Bastet, and Mut, The symbol of Ra represented all the female goddesses of ancient Egypt.

The Goddess of the Eye acts as the mother, sister, companion and daughter of the Sun God. She is his partner in the cycle in which he engenders the renewed form of himself and both are born every dawn.

RA RING in brass

On occasion, the goddess Ra can be seen depicted with drawings of a lioness or cobra representing authority and protection. The Egyptians believed that her queen was the physical personification of the goddesses who were connected to the Eye of Ra. Most of the time, the queens wore a headdress very similar to that worn by the goddesses in their images.

This symbol can be seen often represented in Egyptian culture as a tribute to the Goddesses, especially in cults. Her power to give life was celebrated by doing rituals in temples, These cults that were carried out in the temples were made to invoke a protection towards the temple itself, the Pharaoh and the inhabitants of the community.

In current times we can honor these goddesses, and ourselves in a more updated way and in line with our reality, simply give them self-care spaces, value ourselves, wearing those jewelry or clothes that make us feel beautiful. from MUSA we believe it is important to create these sacred spaces for oneself, and we want to offer them in the form of unique jewels.

Find our RA RING here

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