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Earrings made from the lost wax technique, handmade sculped.

The symbol was originally an Egyptian hieroglyph used to represent the word “life”. By extension, this cross became primarily a symbol of life


Materials: you can choose between brass, silver or gold plated.

ANKH HOOP earrings

SKU: 0016
45,00 €Precio
Custom orders have 2-3 weeks of preparation.
  • The spiritual significance of the Ankh has its origins in stories of Isis and Osiris.
    In Egyptian mythology, Isis stands for fertility, among other things; she would be represented by the Ankh through the loop shape. Osiris represents the heavens and the masculine, and T-cross of the Ankh is said to symbolize his gender.
    In the sacred geometry of the Ankh, heavenly and earthly fertility come together. Therefore, it is seen as a symbol of eternal life.


    In the sacred geometry of the Ankh, creative and cosmic forces are brought together. The tool acts as an amplifier of the energy that is already there and can also be a channel to capture, conduct, and allow energy to flow outward or into itself.
    The Egyptian gods carry the Ankh in their hands, holding it like a scepter. It symbolizes initiation and transformation… and so does a transformation from death to life

  • It is a jewel selection that carries with it the wisdom and ancient power of the kings and queens of the temples of ancient cultures. The temples were sacred places, dedicated to a god, therefore to qualities that that god possessed. This collection connects with these qualities and gods, to make you feel that goddess incarnate within you. In this collection you can feel the influence of Egypt, Greece, Sumer... and places of worship from the ancient world

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