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K H E P R I  scarab ring

Brass ring, with khepri scarab as central symbol. Khepri is the god of creation, the movement of the sun, and rebirth.


Materials: brass, silver, goldplated

Size: you can choose your size




SKU: 0001
55,00 €Precio

    One myth suggested that Khepri pushed the sun across the sky (rather than the sun travelling on the back of a bovine goddess like Nut or Hathor or travelling on a boat). Khepri was often depicted pushing the sun ahead of him and it was thought that this movement was constant. Every night, Khepri would push the sun down into the underworld, and every morning the sun would again emerge and travel across the sky. The word “kheper” means “to emerge” or “to come into being”.

    The Egyptians made a connection between the movement of the sun across the sky and the movement of the ball of dung pushed by the beetle. The solar connection was enhanced by the fact that the scarab has antenna on its head and when the scarab pushed a ball of dung along the ground, the ball would sit between the antenna in a way that was reminiscent of the solar disc flanked by a pair of horns which was worn by many deities.

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