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Ring made by hand using the lost wax technique. Hand carved with care and love.

Inpired by the ancient times of life in caves.


Metals available: brass, silver, goldplated.

Size: you can choose your ring size





SKU: 0006
45,00 €Precio
Custom orders have 2-3 weeks of preparation.

    The human being has decorated their body since ancient times, from the Upper Palaeolithic, they made jewellery from bones, animal teeth and sea-shells. During the Neolithic Period the widespread use of jewellery of various forms, which did not simply constitute elements of personal adornment but also carried social symbolism.

    In the early neolithic our primitive ancestors started to use Copper, bronze, iron, and later gold and silver.

    The first hominids appeared in Africa 4 million years ago. Our most distant ancestor was Australupithecus. The human being began his evolution, and with it the need to express himself, and there the first forms of art were born, in caves and utensils, based on simple forms of animals and geometric drawings.

    The shapes and engravings in this collection are not only inspired by their jewels, but also by the drawings they created on their ceramic utensils that they used every day.

    If there is something fascinating about this era, it is the ability to take advantage of all the resources available to them, and with them create new forms and give them a new use, a whole learning that has inspired me a lot in this collection that has led me to value what we have to see with new eyes, and transform. Consciousness and transformation are the most powerful tools that the human being has and that is how constant evolution and change arises.

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