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Naja Basmu

Bracelet made from the lost wax technique, handmade sculped evoquing the form of a snake.

Naja haje was the name for the egyptian cobra.

Basmu was The great serpent of Mesopotamia associated, alternatively, with goddesses of birth and with Ningishzida, a god of the underworld.

The snake represents the rebirth of a soul.



Materials: you can choose between brass, silver or gold plated.

Size: You can adjust it to your size.

NAJA BASMU bracelet

SKU: 0015
50,00 €Precio
Custom orders have 2-3 weeks of preparation.
  • The snake adorned the pharaoh's heads and represented royalty and divinity.

    The snake was also seen as a symbol of protection from the forces of chaos.

    Change, transformation, to shed our old skin to embody a new one.

  • It is a jewel selection that carries with it the wisdom and ancient power of the kings and queens of the temples of ancient cultures. The temples were sacred places, dedicated to a god, therefore to qualities that that god possessed. This collection connects with these qualities and gods, to make you feel that goddess incarnate within you. In this collection you can feel the influence of Egypt, Greece, Sumer... and places of worship from the ancient world

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